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Statutory deadlines for complaint processing

If you’d like to submit a complaint, simply e-mail us at in German, Italian or English. Alternatively, you can complete this online form (you will be redirected to the website of the local public administration).

Exact information about any incidents (location, date, time, route/line number and destination etc.) can be very valuable and help us process your request more quickly and efficiently.

STA – Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG/Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige SpA –, a public administration organisation, is subject to the provisions of Act no. 104/1992 and therefore required to respond to any complaints received within 30 days. In exceptional cases, e.g. in complaints of a particularly complex technical nature or in times of high demand, responses may take up to 60 days.

If the response is unsatisfactory or if your complaint is not answered within the aforementioned statutory time limits, you may file a complaint with the national transport regulator – Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti (ART) – after 60 days from submitting the original complaint in the case of rail journeys, and after 90 days if the complaint was in reference to a bus journey. To do so, please use the online services available in Italian or English on the ART website.

If your complaint is not answered within the aforementioned statutory time limits, you are automatically entitled to compensation as prescribed by Measure 6.2 of Annex A to ART’s Decision No. 28/2021 amounting to:

  • 10% of the ticket price for replies submitted between 91 and 120 days after receipt of the complaint;
  • 20% of the ticket price for replies submitted 121 days after receipt of the complaint or later.
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