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Farewell to pre-paid cards

Südtirol Pass: convenient and user-friendly. Get yours today!

Pre-paid cards will no longer be available and, as consequence, valid from Tuesday 1 August 2023. Pre-paid cards with unused credit can be returned at the südtirolmobil sales points within one year since their expiry date. Any remaining credit will be refunded.

Südtirol Pass: better in every sense

The easiest and most convenient way to travel is with a Südtirol Pass, which you can now apply for free of charge. One ticket that’s always with you and valid on all means of public transport in South Tyrol – and that’s not all: The more you travel throughout one year, the cheaper your fares get.

To get started, we recommend setting up a post-paid contract, which means you pay by SEPA direct debit. That way, you can use all means of public transport in South Tyrol and have your travel costs conveniently charged to your bank account every two months. No more need for pre-paid top-ups – you’re always ready to go!

Refunding unused pre-paid credit

Pre-paid cards with any remaining credit can be returned at the following südtirolmobil ticket counters or sales points:

  • Bus station Infopoint (Via Renon, Bolzano)
  • Infopoint at the Renon/Ritten cable-car valley station (Via Renon 12, Bolzano)
  • Bolzano/Bozen train station ticket offices (Piazza Stazione 1, Bolzano)
  • Bolzano/Bozen train station tobacconist’s shop (Piazza Stazione 1, Bolzano)
  • Tabaccheria Al mio tabacchino (Via Claudia Augusta 91 F, Bolzano)
  • Tabaccheria Bertagnolli (Piazza Domenicani 35, Bolzano)
  • Tabaccheria Paolazzi (Corso Libertà 10, Bolzano)
  • Tabaccheria Il Quadrifoglio (Via Cagliari 4, Bolzano)
  • Tabaccheria Negri Alessandro (Via Museo 60, Bolzano)
  • Il Tabacchino (Via Resia 65 B, Bolzano)
  • Tabaccheria Passamonti (Via Ortles 43, Bolzano)
  • Tabaccheria Peter (Via Milano 5, Bolzano)
  • Tabaccheria Spitaleri (Via Santa Geltrude 20, Bolzano)
  • Foto Galleria Europa & Tabaccheria Walther (Piazza Walther 8 B, Bolzano)
  • Tabaccheria Zanol (Viale Druso 177, Bolzano)
  • Cassa Raiffeisen/Raiffeisenkasse (Piazza della Chiesa 5, Sarentino)
  • Malles/Mals Tourist Office (Via S. Benedetto 1, Malles)
  • Train station ticket offices (Via Stazione 34, Malles)
  • Infopoint Merano/Meran (Via delle Corse 151, Merano)
  • Bar Monopol (Via Parrocchia 9, Merano)
  • Train station ticket offices (Piazza Stazione, Merano)
  • Tabaccheria Spechtenhauser (Via Principale 61, Silandro)
  • Verano/Vöran cable-car ticket office (Via Funivia 13, Verano)
  • Train station ticket offices (Piazza Stazione, Bressanone)
  • Infopoint Mobile (Via Santa Croce 10, Bressanone)
  • südtirolmobil Infopoint (Via Europa 1, Brunico)
  • Train station ticket offices (Via Europa 1, Brunico)
  • Tabaccheria Pancheri (Piazza Parrocchia 3, Chiusa)
  • Cassa Raiffeisen/Raiffeisenkasse Wipptal (Città Nuova 9, Vipiteno)
  • Train station ticket offices (Via Stazione, Vipiteno)
  • Train station ticket offices (Via Stazione, San Candido)
  • Infopoint Serbus (Via Aurina 17, Campo Tures)
  • Ora/Auer train station (Via Stazione, Ora)
  • Appiano/Eppan Tourist Office (Via Stazione 7, Appiano)
  • Mendola/Mendel funicular valley station (S. Antonio 1, Caldaro)
  • Caldaro/Kaltern Tourist Office (Piazza Principale 8, Caldaro)
  • Tabaccheria brothers Barbon (Via J. F. Kennedy 100, Laives)
  • Tabaccheria Peviani (Via J. F. Kennedy 266, Laives)
  • Tabaccheria Tabacchin’ Leifers (Via J. F. Kennedy 130, Laives)
  • Tabaccheria Schgraffer Christine (Via Roma 5, Salorno)
  • Train station ticket offices (Piazza Dante, 38122 Trento)

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