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Preparing for potentially critical times

Omicron: huge challenge for public transport

With unvaccinated staff no longer permitted to work on public transport and many drivers off sick at short notice, Omicron is increasingly tightening its grip on public mobility.

Two years into the coronavirus pandemic, the new virus variant Omicron is driving up infection rates all over the world. So far, South Tyrol has been lucky enough not to suffer too many Covid-related cancellations in bus and rail transport – but with infections and quarantine cases sharply on the rise and the so-called 2G policies about to be introduced, staff shortages in bus and rail transport should be expected from 10 January 2022. And some passengers will even be banned from using public transport altogether in the near future.

Super Green Pass, 2G and FFP2/N95 masks

At the start of the new year, measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 will be further tightened across all of Italy and, as a consequence, also in South Tyrol: From 10 January 2022, all bus and train passengers aged 12 or over must be in possession of a so-called Super Green Pass. This means that, until further notice, anyone who has not been vaccinated against or recovered from Covid-19 will not be allowed to use public transport. Furthermore, throughout all of South Tyrol, FFP2/N95 masks continue to be mandatory for all passengers.

Exemption for pupils and students until 10 February

In South Tyrol, a last-minute exemption will be in force until 10 February 2022 concerning all primary, middle and high school students travelling to school and back home by public transport: For the time being, the 3G rule will continue to apply to them – meaning that they must be vaccinated, recently recovered or in possession of a negative test result. From 10 February, however, the 2G rule will apply to all passengers from the age of 12: Many pupils and students, too, will require a so-called Super Green Pass, meaning that they need to be vaccinated against or have recently recovered from Covid-19.

Bus and rail services: enormous organisational challenges

In the entire bus and rail transport sector, every organisational effort is currently being made to ensure that local public transport can be upheld to the greatest possible extent, despite staff shortages occurring at extremely short notice. Our teams and the responsible offices are working at full speed to make sure that key lines and especially peak-time services remain covered as far as possible, and that last-minute cancellations are made up for by rescheduling or reorganising services.

Passenger information: we are doing our very best

With the help of our website and app, we will continue to do everything we can to keep you, our passengers, always up-to-date on which lines are likely to be affected: Remember to use the online journey planner or timetable search and keep an eye on our the latest news. But please note that in spite of our best efforts, it is impossible to announce every single cancellation ahead of schedule. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

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