Mobile ticketing: an online ticket is presented on the bus

Tickets now available online

New ticketing system to be rolled out step by step

It’s the dawn of a new age for südtirolmobil: With mobile ticketing, a wide range of tickets can now be bought and checked in online.

Taking the train at short notice? Need a ticket quickly? No time to look for a ticket and validation machine? With the südtirolmobil app, the right ticket is never more than a few clicks on your smartphone away.

Tickets available in our online ticket shop

  • single tickets for regional lines: for your chosen single journey or one combining buses and trains
  • single tickets for urban lines: for bus journeys within one city, town or village
  • day passes for urban lines: for any number of bus journeys within Bolzano/Bozen and Laives/Leifers or Merano/Meran
  • tickets to the Mendola/Mendel funicular and the Renon/Ritten cable-car and light railway
  • Nightliner tickets
  • Mobilcards
  • day passes for transporting bikes
  • Euregio 2 Plus day passes

Online tickets cost the same as conventional tickets, with payment by credit or debit card. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Regional single tickets can also be purchased for a combined, i.e. longer route with different modes of transport, e.g. bus + train + Renon/Ritten cable car.
  • To validate and use an online ticket, passengers simply need to check in on their smartphone before starting the journey. Once a green frame is displayed around the ticket, indicating an “active journey”, the check-in was successful. All that’s left to do now is show the “active journey” on their smartphone to the bus driver or at the request of a ticket inspector.
  • Online tickets that are valid for several journeys or days only need to be checked in once before the first journey.
  • Südtirol Pass or Euregio Family Pass holders, too, can still check in to validate their journey on their smartphone. This function was introduced last year and remains unchanged.

Click here to find out more about mobile ticketing and to watch our video on how to buy your ticket.


New ticketing system: buses to be refitted

The launch of mobile ticketing comes just at the right time: This whole new system plus the roll-out of some 400 new buses and a series of technical developments mean that from early 2023, new validation devices will be installed and deployed throughout South Tyrol. The familiar blue ticket validation machines will soon be obsolete and will gradually be replaced by new, state-of-the-art machines compatible with mobile ticketing and modern card payment systems. The biggest challenge for technicians and passengers alike will be that the old system will remain in operation while the new one will gradually be launched in parallel.

Pre-paid cards: credit will be reimbursed

Implemented from early 2023 on buses across South Tyrol, the technical conversion will take several months. As a temporary result, validation devices will not or only partially work, and individual tickets, especially pre-paid cards, cannot be used. They can be returned at any südtirolmobil Info Point or ticket office, with all remaining credit being refunded.

Südtirol Pass: no top-ups on buses

Nothing will change for passengers travelling on a Südtirol Pass in its many variations: They can still be used to check in at the new machines and when starting the journey in the same way as before. The only function that will be unavailable during this transitional phase is the option to top up pre-paid cards on buses.

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