[Translate to English:] Screen für Echtzeitdaten

Where is my bus now?

Real-time information for passengers: accurate departure times now available on smartphones, PCs, monitors and bus stops.

Will my bus arrive on time? Or is it stuck in traffic and running late? Passengers can now check the arrival times of all buses equipped with the new ticketing system in real time via the südtirolmobil app or website. Any delays will also be displayed on all südtirolmobil monitors, e.g. in mobility centres and at bus stops.

Currently, about 600 buses send a message about possible delays during the journey, which is then transmitted digitally to the passengers. Buses not yet equipped with the new system continue to display the scheduled departure time. In about two months, the remaining buses will also display real-time information.

Receive push notifications

Receive notifications for your preferred stops, routes and lines. These settings can be deactivated at any time in your browser.