Detail of the hands of a ticket inspector and a passenger, while checking the ticket.

Passengers' rights and obligations

What to keep in mind when travelling by bus and train

Find out about your rights and duties as a passenger using our services: The basic terms of use are prescribed by the government of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen-South Tyrol in its Resolution No. 365 of 04/05/2023. Article 26 lists the rights and obligations of passengers using public means of transport in South Tyrol.

Here they are at a glance:

The right to be transported

Passengers boarding public transport in possession of a valid ticket (i.e. having successfully validated their ticket by checking in) have a right to be transported.

Buses: At bus stops, all passengers are required to wait safely in the bus bay. If a bus is approaching and you'd like to get on, simply let the driver know with a hand signal.

Seating: Priority must be given to pregnant, disabled and elderly passengers or those travelling with small children. On buses, a minimum of three seats near the exit must be reserved for disabled passengers, and boarding must also be possible through the doors marked as exit.

We reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone unwilling to abide by the rules of order and safety on our services or to anyone who behaves indecently, disturbs or causes inconvenience to other passengers or attempts to sell, solicit, busk, hand out information and the like on board our vehicles. 


Passengers are responsible for the safekeeping of their tickets.

If you are travelling on a personalised ticket, you must be able to also show valid proof of ID at the request of a member of staff – with the exception of children up to the age of 14, who only need to be able to produce a valid ticket.

In case of non-compliance

Passengers must follow staff instructions at all times and are responsible for any damage they cause to vehicles, third parties or objects.

If they do not comply with the above regulations and if the circumstances make it inadvisable to continue the journey, any driver or staff member may request the assistance of law enforcement or security personnel.

If a passenger's behaviour compromises the safety and proper functioning of a service, any driver or staff member is entitled to, without being challenged and at their own discretion, withdraw and confiscate that passenger's ticket including any personalised tickets and, if the passenger is 18 or over, refuse to continue transporting them. The office in charge will then determine how long the ticket will remain confiscated for, with withdrawal periods ranging from a minimum of one month to a maximum of one year. During this time, the passenger can obtain neither a duplicate nor a new ticket or pass.

Passenger conduct must at all times be in line with the prescriptions set forth in the DPR (Presidential Decree) No. 753 of 11 July 1980 (Nuove norme in materia di polizia, sicurezza e regolarità dell'esercizio delle ferrovie e di altri servizi di trasporto; Titolo II), which also provides for administrative penalties and fines for any non-compliance.

Passengers over the age of 18 who neither accept the administrative penalty/fine nor provide their personal details will be required to disembark from the vehicle. If necessary, staff members may request the assistance of law enforcement or security personnel. 

The statutory source:

Resolution No. 365 of 04/05/2023

Cable-cars and funicular: passengers' rights and obligations

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