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Südtirol Pass 65+

Safe and reliable travel at any age

Südtirol Pass 65+ tickets are personalised, annual smart cards or electronic tickets for adults aged 65 or over. They are based on a fixed-rate, annual fee and can be used flexibly for unlimited journeys throughout the entire südtirolmobil network and on regional trains all the way to Trento.

Please note that Südtirol Pass 65+ tickets are not valid on cross-border train services (Brennero/Brenner – Innsbruck and San Candido/Innichen or Versciaco/Vierschach – Lienz), do not include transport of bikes or pets and cannot be used on Nightliner buses and on long-distance or high-speed rail services.

In order to validate your ticket, you must check in your Südtirol Pass 65+ at the start of each journey. Please note that you may be required to also show valid proof of ID at the request of a member of staff.

Fares and fees

The only payment you have to make for your Südtirol Pass 65+ is an annual fee that covers all individual journeys throughout the year:

  • 150 EUR: passengers aged 65 to 69
  • 75 EUR: passengers aged 70 to 74
  • 20 EUR: passengers aged 75 and over

The annual fee can be paid at any südtirolmobil ticket counter or sales point. Tickets can also be renewed online on a yearly basis using your credit card or the pagoPA system (charges may apply).

Südtirol Pass portal

How to apply for a Südtirol Pass 65+

All residents of South Tyrol aged 65 or over can apply for their Südtirol Pass 65+ by filling in the required form at any südtirolmobil ticket counter or sales point. Once the ticket is ready, you can pick it up from that same place and pay for the annual fee.

Italian citizens aged 65 or over who live abroad and are registered in the A.I.R.E. (register of Italians living abroad) of a South Tyrolean municipality can apply for their Südtirol Pass 65+ ticket by sending an e-mail to suedtirolpass@suedtirolmobil.info

Apply for the Südtirol Pass 65+

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Validity and renewal

Your Südtirol Pass 65+ is valid for one year from the day on which it is issued.

It can be renewed at any südtirolmobil ticket counter or sales point by presenting your ticket and paying the annual fee. Tickets can be renewed up to one month before and within one year after they expire. Please note that in the latter case, it may take a minimum of 24 hours before the ticket can be used again.

The annual fee can also be paid online by credit card, pagoPA or directly by online banking (authorised banks only - renewal and payment).

Renew your Südtirol Pass 65+

How to use your Südtirol Pass abo+

Every time you board a bus or train, remember to check in at the blue ticket validation machine, otherwise your ticket will not be valid. Checking in is easy: To validate and use your Südtirol Pass 65+ ticket, simply hold it in front of the sensor.

Train journeys: If you are travelling on directly connecting trains, there's no need to check in a second time at the station where you change trains. Passengers on a regional train departing from a train station south of Trento and on their way to South Tyrol who have a regular train ticket to Trento and a Südtirol Pass 65+ do not need to alight at Trento and check in to validate their ticket.

Train journeys Innsbruck – Brennero/Brenner and Lienz – San Candido/Innichen: The train stations of Innsbruck, Sillian and Lienz (Austria) are equipped with ticket machines where you can check in and validate your abo+ ticket from Brennero/Brenner or San Candido/Innichen, respectively. Remember to buy a separate ticket for your journey within Austria.

How to pay for additional services

To benefit even more widely from your Südtirol Pass 65+, you can have it equipped with a function to pay for additional services that you may need: either with our pre-paid system that can be topped up or "re-filled" as you go or by direct debit from your bank account. You can use it:

  • to pay for transporting bicycles,
  • to pay for transporting a pet,
  • to travel on Nightliner bus services (Nightliner fares apply)
  • and on cross-border train services to Innsbruck or Lienz; regional trains only. All journeys within Austria are charged at the official VVT/ÖBB rate. If you have an ÖBB-Vorteilscard, simply register it in your user account to claim your discount.

How to validate and use your ticket: If you have activated the payment function of your Südtirol Pass 65+, you can validate and use your ticket just like a standard Südtirol Pass. When travelling on a regional train, please remember to enter the code of your destination into the ticket validation machine and to confirm your selection, otherwise your ticket will not be valid. A list of all train station codes can be found next to the blue ticket validation machines.

Activate additional services

Need a replacement?

If your Südtirol Pass 65+ is lost, stolen or damaged, you can order a replacement at the price of 20 EUR:

•    at any südtirolmobil ticket counter or sales point or
•    online through your user account (provided that you have already set up an online user account and have activated the function to pay for additional services of your Südtirol Pass 65+).

Please note that once your order is submitted, it can no longer be cancelled.

If your Südtirol Pass 65+ is not visibly damaged but worn out and/or no longer functional due to a defect, you can order a replacement from any südtirolmobil sales point free of charge.

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