Mobile ticketing: an online ticket is presented on the bus

Bus tickets: new system, new rules

Play it safe – with mobile ticketing

As buses across South Tyrol are being retrofitted, different check-in rules apply to both regular and subscription-based tickets. A top tip from us: mobile tickets are always valid!

Over the course of the next few months, buses throughout South Tyrol will gradually be equipped with new ticketing technologies. During this initial transition, there will either be new, old or no validation and ticket vending machines on board those vehicles.

For technical reasons, different conditions of use apply to regular tickets as well as Südtirol Pass and other subscription-based tickets – but unfortunately there’s no way of knowing which rules apply until you’re already on board. Which is why we recommend mobile ticketing: the safest way to always have a valid ticket on you. If you buy your tickets and check in online using the südtirolmobil app, you no longer need ticket machines or validation devices – you already have a valid ticket in your pocket. For Südtirol Pass and Euregio Family Pass holders, too, checking in online ahead of your journey is an easy way to simplify things.

Which ticket on which buses?

New ticketing system: A few buses already have the brand-new on-board validation and ticket vending machines: routes 181, 182, 184 and 185. On these buses, all types of Südtirol Pass subscriptions can be used to check in the same way as before. Top-up services, however, are not yet available. Contactless Mobilcards and Guest Pass tickets can also be checked in; those with a magnetic strip on the back must simply be shown upon request. Single tickets are available on board, but can only paid for in cash. Pre-paid cards can no longer be used on these buses; they can however be returned at any südtirolmobil ticket office, with all remaining credit being refunded.

Old ticketing system: The familiar blue validation devices, which have been in use since 2012, will be phased out in the course of 2023. They will therefore become increasingly rare on buses, and the ones now available at train stations will also be replaced by new devices within this year.

Buses without ticketing devices: While the bus fleet is gradually being retrofitted and the new system is being trialled, a number of buses will be circulating entirely without an on-board validation device. For these services in particular, we recommend that Südtirol Pass users check in online in advance to ensure that they can take advantage of their usual fare. If not, a single ticket at the price of EUR 2.50 must be purchased on board.

On these buses, the following tickets need only be shown upon request: Südtirol Pass abo+ and Südtirol Pass 65+ , Scuola-Pass/Schulpass tickets, all Mobilcards and Guest Passes, BusCard Meran, Euregio Ticket Students, Euregio 2 Plus day passes and connecting tickets for EC trains operated by DB or ÖBB.

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