The new Südtirol Pass business

Südtirol Pass business

The eco-friendly way to get around for work

Would you like your employees to travel in an environmentally friendly way – by using public transport? Then the Südtirol Pass business edition is the ideal solution for your company or for your association: a convenient and flexible ticket for business trips throughout South Tyrol.

Top benefits: Your employees are entirely flexible in the way they travel to appointments, at the same time eliminating the need to look for parking or manage and settle travel expenses – while your company can claim tax deductions for travel expenses paid for with Südtirol Pass business tickets. But above all, your company actively contributes to reducing traffic and becomes a role model for sustainable mobility management.

How and where to use it

Südtirol Pass business tickets can be used on all means of public transport within the entire südtirolmobil network and on regional trains all the way to Trento. They are also valid on cross-border train services to Innsbruck or Lienz (regional trains only). All journeys within Austria are charged at the official VVT/ÖBB rate. Südtirol Pass business holders can also use the ticket on Nightliner services and to pay for transporting pets or bicycles (day pass).

Please note that Südtirol Pass business tickets are not valid on long-distance or high-speed trains (EC, Freccia, Italo, Railjet etc.).

Südtirol Pass business tickets can be used by different employees, but not at the same time: Only one person can check in for a bus or train journey at a time, but not several people at once.

Fares and fees

All journeys by bus and train within the südtirolmobil network are charged a fixed rate of 12 cents per km. Cross-border journeys on regional trains to Innsbruck or Lienz are charged at the official VVT/ÖBB rate starting from the border.

A minimum fare (10 km) will be charged for all journeys, including those on urban buses in Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran. Connecting bus journeys in all of South Tyrol except Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran are charged at a minimum fare of 5 km.

All journeys within 60 minutes made in the same fare zone on urban buses in Bolzano/Bozen and Merano/Meran are charged as a single journey.

Applying for a Südtirol Pass business: who and how

Südtirol Pass business tickets are available to all private businesses and public institutions, individual enterprises, self-employed persons or freelancers as well as associations in possession of an Italian VAT number or  TAX ID (codice fiscale/Steuernummer).

One or more tickets can be requested for any number of employees. Companies with many employees can apply for several tickets at a time and group them together by office, department or branch, for example. In this case, a separate application form must be submitted for each group, and separate user accounts must be set up accordingly.

In contrast to the standard Südtirol Pass, Südtirol Pass business tickets are not personalised, meaning that each ticket can be used by different employees – just not by several people on the same journey.

Apply for a Südtirol Pass business

To apply for a Südtirol Pass business, please complete this online form and include:

  •  the VAT number of your business,
  •  the Tax ID (codice fiscale/Steuernummer) of the business owner, of the person responsible for your business or of the association/organisation
  • how many Südtirol Pass business tickets you would like.

We will then e-mail you the user name and password required to set up an online user account, where you will then be required to upload a SEPA direct debit mandate for your company and a statement assuring that the data you’ve submitted is accurate.

The tickets will then be issued and posted to you by mail.

Your online user account

Once we’ve received your application, we will e-mail the login credentials required to access your online user account within the Südtirol Pass portal to your company e-mail address. There, you can view and check all Südtirol Pass business-related invoices for your company, the mileage applicable to the current billing period and a list of all journeys made on each individual Südtirol Pass business ticket. It is also the place to order a duplicate in case of loss or theft.

Please note that detailed journey data can only be viewed for up to three months after the invoice has been issued. After that, all geo-referenced data will be anonymised, and only the date and fare of each journey will be displayed.

Activating your ticket

Before using your Südtirol Pass business ticket for the first time, you will need to activate it through your user account: Simply enter your Südtirol Pass business number, after which the ticket will be unlocked. Please note that it may take a few hours for the activation to be recorded in the system and for your new Südtirol Pass business ticket to be ready for use.

Invoicing and payment

Südtirol Pass Business tickets are only available on a post-paid contract using SEPA Direct Debit. All ticket expenses are automatically debited from your company bank account every two months, or every four months if the total amounts to less than EUR 10.

Invoices are delivered automatically through the official SDI system.

Validity and renewal

Your Südtirol Pass business ticket is valid for one year from the day on which it is first activated. After a full year has passed, it is automatically extended for another year starting from the day on which it is first used again.

If it is not used for a whole subscription year, your Südtirol Pass business ticket will be automatically deactivated. You can reactivate it at any time by simply calling the südtirolmobil Service and Information Centre at +39 0471 220 880 or by e-mailing us at

Need a replacement?

If your Südtirol Pass business ticket is lost, stolen or visibly damaged, you can order a duplicate online through your user account. Duplicates cost 20 EUR each. Please note that once your order is submitted, it can no longer be cancelled.

If your Südtirol Pass business ticket is not visibly damaged but worn out and/or no longer functional due to a defect, you can order a replacement from the Südtirol Pass ticketing office free of charge.

Receive push notifications

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