Fare system and ticket validation

A close-knit, synchronised network: public mobility in South Tyrol

In South Tyrol, public transport is organised as a single, large and interconnected network linked by urban buses, regional and Citybus services, regional trains, a number of cable-cars and a few more means of transport.

A standardised ticket and fare system applies throughout the entire public transport grid – with only a few exceptions.

The statutory source:

Resolution No 365 of 04 of May 2023

Fare system: key info at a glance
Fare zones, validating your ticket and minimum fares explained
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südtirolmobil network
Public transport: traffic and data networks from a single source
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Accessible travel
Wheelchairs and baby strollers: We are committed to providing quality public mobility services.
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Luggage and more
Suitcases, bags, skis and cuddly toys: We'll transport (almost) anything for you.
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Bring your bike
What to keep in mind when travelling with your own bicycle
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Travelling with a pet
You are free to bring your pet, but passenger safety is our highest priority.
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How to use contactless tickets
Check-in with your Südtirol Pass and other contactless tickets
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Smartphone check-in
Südtirol Pass and Euregio Family Pass holders can check in and validate their tickets from any mobile device.
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Checking in: What do the symbols mean?
A visual guide to understanding ticket validation machines.
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Station codes for train journeys
Every train station has its own code. Find yours here.
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Renon/Ritten light railway: a ticket guide
Find out how to validate your ticket with the help of station codes.
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Free use of public transport
For children, anyone serving the collective good and people with disabilities
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