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Accessible travel

Buses, trains, stations – facilitating access to public transport

All over South Tyrol, the authorities are going to great lengths to make public transport accessible for passengers with reduced mobility and those travelling with buggies, baby strollers or bulky luggage. New raised platforms and lifts have been added to many stations in recent years. Low-floor access buses and trains with specially designed and secured spaces for wheelchairs and prams are used throughout the province, and accessibility will continue to be a major focus in the years to come.

Regional trains

Regional rail traffic uses almost exclusively modern trains with low-floor access. On the inside, too, trains are designed to provide sufficient and safe spaces for wheelchairs and prams. Accessible trains are marked with a wheelchair symbol on all südtirolmobil timetables.

Most train stations in South Tyrol – or, more specifically, those that fall under the jurisdiction of the South Tyrolean authorities – are equipped with raised platforms and lifts. At Bolzano/Bozen train station, travel assistance services for persons with reduced mobility can be requested by contacting the nearest SalaBlu office at salablu.verona@rfi.it.


On most buses, wheelchair users and children in prams can travel in spaces specially reserved for them. Accessible buses are marked as such on the outside of the vehicle.

While on board, both wheelchairs and prams must be secured in the space provided and remain there for the duration of the journey. For safety reasons, if this space is already occupied, no other passenger in a wheelchair or travelling with a pram may board the bus, as all passengers must be able to board and alight the bus safely and without obstructions.

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